Web Hosting

We provide custom hosting packages that fits your Business.

What drives us to performance

We are Reseller for one of the top 10 web hosting providers in Romania
and we optimize our web hosting packages to fit every type of business.


No. #1 in the market, a linux-based software for managing web hosting packages.

Brand Marketing

Solid-State Disk, best storage technology that provides upto 300% speed as against the classic HDD

Performance Monitoring

We understand how important is website uptime and we don't use any limits

Traffic Analytic

We have installed all software dependencies to host lastest version of WordPress.

Digital Consultancy

Unlimited email adresses to use them on webmail or as aditional email in your Yahoo / Gmail / Outlook.

Conversion Optimization

We perform daily backups to ensure you hosted data.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Performance Monitoring Tool

We analyze resources usage to guarantee best performance.

Providing B2B solutions we know that our clients can be satisfied only if they have happy customers. We monitoring users experience in the websites and we increase usability.